Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of treatment at Coastal Rehabilitation. Our therapists design a specific and individualized program of exercises to address your needs. Therapeutic exercises may be prescribed to address flexibility, range of motion (ROM), strength, endurance, posture, muscular imbalance. Your plan will be designed to address specific movement patterns and resolve your movement deficits. Therapeutic exercise is used to emphasize your functional capabilities and to help you to build up your abilities to enjoy the activities in your life. Your individualized therapeutic exercise program is intended to help you achieve your specific goals. Using both local and whole body exercises can induce changes in your cardiovascular, neuromuscular and proprioceptive systems; these types of specific, targeted therapeutic exercise promotes efficient function and optimal quality of life.

Everyone can benefit from a therapeutic exercise program; anyone of any age and fitness level can profit from individualized exercise instruction. Having an educated and skilled therapist design an individualized therapeutic exercise program for you allows you to exercise in the safest and most beneficial manner by addressing your exact needs and specific movement issues. Doing specially designed exercise allows you to efficiently gain maximum function and improve your quality of life while doing so in a safe approach and safe environment.

The main goal of a therapeutic exercise program is to regain normal mobility, strength and endurance. Gaining optimal mobility strength and endurance allows you to enjoy your everyday activities without pain (or minimal pain) and the least amount of restriction.

Our skilled therapists will design a home exercise program (HEP) for you to complete at home; keeping up with your home exercise program allows you to maintain the gains you make in therapy and maintain long term progress.

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At CRI, treatment sessions are typically 1 hour each, giving clinicians time to address both physical and functional impairments.