Manual Therapy

Coastal Rehabilitation therapists are hands-on therapists, providing a wide variety of manual treatments and techniques. Manual Therapy is a clinical approach to physical therapy that utilizes highly skilled and specific hands-on techniques, which may include manipulation/mobilization of joints, soft tissue mobilization, mobilization of neural tissue, or assisted movement or stretching. Many medical studies have shown that patients get better, faster when manual therapy techniques are included in their treatment. The application of manual therapy requires comprehensive knowledge to apply to sophisticated mobilization or manipulation techniques of soft tissue and joints. Our physical therapists are highly educated and trained in medical screening, anatomy, physiology, joint and soft tissue mechanics, differential diagnosis and are experts in the musculoskeletal system. Our therapists apply their knowledge to evaluate and treat soft tissues and joint structures for the purpose of decreasing pain, increasing range of motion (ROM), reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation, inducing relaxation, improving tissue repair, extensibility, and/or stability, enabling or encouraging movement, and improving function. Coastal Rehabilitation physical therapists follow a model of examination and treatment that focuses on the root causes of pain rather than solely on symptoms. This allows a comprehensive and very effective style of treatment for a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders. Because each patient is unique, our therapists are educated to serve you with a variety of evidence-based manual techniques within your individualized plan of care. Patients respond positively to hands-on work when combined with a specific exercise program and education. This leads to faster recovery, fewer days off work or away from your favorite activity and less out-of-pocket expenses.

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At CRI, treatment sessions are typically 1 hour each, giving clinicians time to address both physical and functional impairments.