Headache Treatment

Headaches are a common complaint; they can range in severity from mild and annoying to completely debilitating. Headaches can be caused by many different origins and several categories of headaches. Most headaches are harmless and can resolve on their own; however, when headaches become severe and frequent, they can affect your ability to perform daily activities and diminish your quality of life.

Our skilled physical therapists with perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the origin of your headaches; migraine and tension headaches are the mostly commonly treatment types of headaches in physical therapy. Once the cause of your headaches is determined; your therapist will design a specific treatment plan with the primary goal of reducing your headache frequency and intensity. Your physical therapist can help you to identify and change daily habits and behaviors which may be aggravating your headaches.  Treatments for headaches may include manual therapy to address dysfunction, relieve tight muscles and trigger points, and therapeutic exercise to improve flexibility and strength to support your neck and head. Postural training is often a fundamental part of headache treatment to reduce stresses placed on your neck and head causing tension type headaches.

Your physical therapist will work with you to correct the problems that are causing your pain and headaches as well as teach you about your conditions and empower you with tools to help prevent pain and headaches.

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At CRI, treatment sessions are typically 1 hour each, giving clinicians time to address both physical and functional impairments.