Let’s Get Started

Getting started with Coastal Rehab is simple. Follow the four easy steps below!

Schedule an Appointment

Your first step is to schedule an appointment. If you have a referral we will ask for it, but you DO NOT need one to be evaluated or begin treatment.

Complete Paperwork

After establishing your appointment, you will need to complete some new patient paperwork. If you do not complete this paperwork prior to your initial appointment you will be asked to arrive 30 minutes early to complete it in our waiting room.

Arrive Early for your First Visit

We will need to make some copies and confirm your new patient paperwork is completed. Arrive 15 minutes early if your paperwork is completed ahead of time and 30 minutes early if need to fill out your paperwork here at the office.


At your initial evaluation, your therapist will complete an examination and develop a plan of care which may include: exercise program, manual therapy, and other treatments. You may receive some treatment during your initial visit so dress appropriately.