Balance Training & Fall Prevention

Coastal Rehabilitation Inc, provides a comprehensive program for balance training and fall prevention following a thorough evaluation of your current balance and fall risk. Your balance can be compromised by many factors such as weakness, decreased mobility or activity, impaired vision, low blood pressure, use of multiple medications, environment/hazards, increasing age, medical conditions, neurological conditions, having to use a cane or walker. Many falls can be prevented! If you are concerned about your balance or fall risk, please come and see us before you have a fall. A fall can be life altering due to injuries, fear or disability.

After a thorough evaluation, your therapist will design an individualized program to safely assist you in improving your physical activity, balance, and safety. Your program will include a variety of exercises to address your specific needs; it may include exercises for flexibility, strengthening, coordination, and specific challenges to your balance. Our balance is controlled by a complex system of three major sensory inputs: Vision (eye sight), Proprioception (sense of body position and movement), and Vestibular (inner ear). If any part or all parts of the intricate “balance system” are impaired, it increases your risk of falling. A physical therapist can determine what areas of balance you are having difficulty with and design a specific and individualized program to re-train each part of your balance. In physical therapy, you will complete a supervised program in a safe environment with a therapist to provide assistance and keep you safe while training your balance. Balance training is an important and effective part of falls prevention. Training your balance will also help with your walking, improving your ability to navigate difference surfaces (carpet, yard, gravel, etc), stairs and keep you steady while walking. Strengthening exercises are a key element of fall prevention when completed in conjunction with balance training; therefore, if your therapist assesses that you would benefit from strengthening, they will include various strengthening exercises in your program.  Beyond strengthening and balance training, your therapist will help you to learn about your condition, about fall prevention, and how to best manage your risk of falling. It is important that you discuss any fear of falling with your therapists. We can help you to manage any fear that you may have and determine the best strategies to manage your risks and fears associated with falling. With physical therapy, you will find that you have more mobility, are steadier on your feet and have a decreased fear of falling. We want you to be able to enjoy your favorite activities without a fear of falling and with the smallest risk of falling as possible.

Coastal Rehabilitation provides a customized program in a safe environment to promote optimal activity, balance, and fall prevention. Our overall goal is to improve your balance, to decrease your risk of falling, and improve your quality of life.

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At CRI, treatment sessions are typically 1 hour each, giving clinicians time to address both physical and functional impairments.